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New Releases

Checkout some of our latest music right now!  List to full tracks on YouTube, Pleng and other streaming services around the world!

  1. Vuthea - Kro Mom 3 Style (Official Audio) 0:30
  2. Vuthea - Min Ach Chouy Kloun Eng (Official Audio) 0:30
  3. Vuthea - Muk Kras (Official Audio) 0:30
  4. Vuthea - Thinkin Bout You (KENNY CHASE REMIX) Official Audio 0:30
  5. Vuthea x Vin Vitou - Derm Bey Avey (Official Audio) Prod. DJ CHEE 0:30
  6. Vuthea, Vichet ft. Vin Vitou - Koch Chet (Official Audio) 0:30
  7. Vuthhea Ft. DJ Chee - Oun Sas Ey (Official Audio) 0:30
  8. Vuthhea Ft. Victor Siva - Oun Sas Ey (Official Audio) Prod. DJ CHEE 0:30

Last Videos

Check out our latest music videos from the incredibly talented artists at KlapYaHandz

Vuthea វុទ្ធា – មិនអាចជួយខ្លួនឯង (Can’t Help Myself) ft. Kenny Chase

Vuthea​ វុទ្ធា – ក្រមុំបីស្តាយ (Kromom 3 Styles)

Vuthea​ វុទ្ធា – អូនសាសន៍អី (Oun Sas Ey) ft. SIVA (Remix)

Vuthea វុទ្ធា – ដើម្បីអ្វី​ (Derm Bey Avey) ft. Vitou

Vuthea វុទ្ធា – ខូចចិត្ត (Koch Chet) ft. VI70 & Vitou

Vuthea វុទ្ធា – ក្បួនញ៉ែ (Kboun Nhae)

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