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New Album

Checkout some of our latest music right now!  List to full tracks on YouTube, Pleng and other streaming services around the world!

  1. Eighties 2:30
  2. Hero 1:49
  3. Dark Wave 1:46
  4. Synthwave 2:40

Last Videos

Check out our latest music videos from the incredibly talented artists at KlapYaHandz

VI70 – Tonight Ft. RuthKo

VI70 – ច្រណែន (Chrornen)

VI70 – យល់ព្រមទៅ (Yol Prom Tov)

VI70 – ភ្លើងពណ៍ (Street Light) ft. DJ Chee

VI70 – ម្នាក់ឯង (Maneak Eng)

VI70 – បុប្ជាចិន្តាបង (Bopha Chenda Bong)

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