1. Vuthea - Kro Mom 3 Style (Official Audio) 0:30
  2. Vuthea - Min Ach Chouy Kloun Eng (Official Audio) 0:30
  3. Vuthea - Muk Kras (Official Audio) 0:30
  4. Vuthea - Thinkin Bout You (KENNY CHASE REMIX) Official Audio 0:30
  5. Vuthea x Vin Vitou - Derm Bey Avey (Official Audio) Prod. DJ CHEE 0:30
  6. Vuthea, Vichet ft. Vin Vitou - Koch Chet (Official Audio) 0:30
  7. Vuthhea Ft. DJ Chee - Oun Sas Ey (Official Audio) 0:30
  8. Vuthhea Ft. Victor Siva - Oun Sas Ey (Official Audio) Prod. DJ CHEE 0:30


Victor SIVA is originally from Nigeria but grew up in England and spent his last few years living in Belgium as an Artist performer and MC for Nightclub. Victor has released a few tracks in Europe, but never reached stardom because of the stiff competition there. He met the founder of KlapYaHandz while visiting a common friend in Cambodia, and have joined the label a year after. SIVA has released a few solo test track since 2018, and has since featured on a Hit by Vuthea “Oun Sas Ey”. SIVA is working on his next songs featuring other artists of KlapYaHandz, before working on his solo album.