1. Vi70 - Bopha Chenda Bong (Official Audio) 0:30
  2. Vi70 - Jealous (Official Audio) Prod. DJ Chee 0:30
  3. Vi70 - Mneak Eng (Official Audio) 0:30
  4. Vi70 - Yol Prom Tov (Official Audio) 0:30
  5. VI70 ft DJ Chee - Street Light (Official Audio) 0:30
  6. Vi70 ft. Ruth Ko X Vuthea - Just Friend (Prod. DJ Chee) Official Audio 0:30
  7. Vichet ft Ruth Ko - TOO9 (Official Audio) 0:30

VI70 – Tonight Ft. RuthKo

VI70 – ច្រណែន (Chrornen)

VI70 – យល់ព្រមទៅ (Yol Prom Tov)

VI70 – ភ្លើងពណ៍ (Street Light) ft. DJ Chee

VI70 – ម្នាក់ឯង (Maneak Eng)

VI70 – បុប្ជាចិន្តាបង (Bopha Chenda Bong)

VI70 – ច្រណែន (Chror Nen) ft. DJ Chee & Euan Gray

VI70 – យល់ព្រមទៅ (Yol Prom Tov)

VI70 – ម្នាក់ឯង – Maneak Eng – Prod. by Kenny Chase

VI70 វិចិត្រ

VICHET, or “Vi70”, is a sweet-voice singer in Phnom Penh. Even while he studies, he is practicing his craft to write lyrics and sing and play guitar for audiences. His music icon is Michael Jackson and VICHET aims to liberate people from their reality through music. VICHET or VI70, has first joined KlapYaHandz as a song writer and gradually becoming an official artist producing some of the best love ballads of the label.