1. Vuthea - Kro Mom 3 Style (Official Audio) 0:30
  2. Vuthea - Min Ach Chouy Kloun Eng (Official Audio) 0:30
  3. Vuthea - Muk Kras (Official Audio) 0:30
  4. Vuthea - Thinkin Bout You (KENNY CHASE REMIX) Official Audio 0:30
  5. Vuthea x Vin Vitou - Derm Bey Avey (Official Audio) Prod. DJ CHEE 0:30
  6. Vuthea, Vichet ft. Vin Vitou - Koch Chet (Official Audio) 0:30
  7. Vuthhea Ft. DJ Chee - Oun Sas Ey (Official Audio) 0:30
  8. Vuthhea Ft. Victor Siva - Oun Sas Ey (Official Audio) Prod. DJ CHEE 0:30

Vuthea​ វុទ្ធា​ – បែកញើសខ្ចាយ (Bek Ngers Kchay)

Vuthea វុទ្ធា – Thinking Bout Chu ft. Jamie Raine &​ ​​​​Kenny Chase

Vuthea វុទ្ធា – ក្បួនញ៉ែ (Kboun Nhae)

Vuthea វុទ្ធា – ខូចចិត្ត (Koch Chet) ft. VI70 & Vitou

Vuthea វុទ្ធា – ដើម្បីអ្វី​ (Derm Bey Avey) ft. Vitou

Vuthea​ វុទ្ធា – អូនសាសន៍អី (Oun Sas Ey) ft. SIVA (Remix)

Vuthea​ វុទ្ធា – ក្រមុំបីស្តាយ (Kromom 3 Styles)

Vuthea វុទ្ធា – មិនអាចជួយខ្លួនឯង (Can’t Help Myself) ft. Kenny Chase

Vuthea វុទ្ធា

VUTHEA, or VUTHEA SROK KHMER, is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter who was born in Banteay Meanchey Province. He has studied in Phnom Penh since high school, and in 2014, began writing song lyrics and music. He left his private company the next year to start his career in music, inspired by his favorite artists Sin Sisamuth and Michael Jackson. He has released a variety of music from hip hop to acoustic pop rock, including the mega Cambodian Hits “Kromom 3 Styles” and “Oun Sas Ey”.