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About Us

About Us

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KYH Records (KLAPYAHANDZ) is a Worldwide collective of Khmer singers, rappers, artists and producers working together to promote Cambodia, its people, arts, culture and history through Hip Hop, RNB and alternative music.

In Cambodia, KLAP is an independent music label producing exclusively original tracks to promote creativity and originality with the younger generation of local Khmer artists. Our music will try to remain Khmer deep down inside. By using old Khmer music in our mix, we are trying to get the younger generation to look back to the older generation of great Khmer musicians, without whom we wouldn’t be here today.They started the fusion and the remixing, we’re just keeping the tradition alive. Our ancestors have left us concrete proofs of their great artistic skills for us to live on and to shine again.

We pay respect to them and show our appreciation by keeping the legacy alive, and by trying to put KHMER back on the map of the World.

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